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Original Drawing-Worlds


A fantastical, black line drawing of a face with globes dotted all over the facial features. 

Graphite, ink.
65 x 50 cm

Shuvinai was born in Cape Dorset in August 1961. She is the daughter of Kiawak Ashoona and Sorosilutu, both well known for their contributions to the arts in Cape Dorset.

Shuvinai began drawing in 1996. She works with pen and ink, coloured pencils and oil sticks and her sensibility for the landscape around the community of Cape Dorset is particularly impressive. Her recent work is very personal and often meticulously detailed. Her work was first included in the Cape Dorset annual print collection in 1997 with two small dry-point etchings entitled Interior (97-33) and Settlement (97-34). 

Reg no. 148-1599