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Untitled Drawing


An original and quirky drawing of five, long necked, black geese. 

Graphite and ink.
50.8 x 66 cm

Meelia Kelly was born in 1940 and lived on the land for most of her youth, an upbringing that informs the imagery of her art practice which includes scenes of families, hunting and animals. A latecomer to the graphic arts, Kelly was encouraged to draw by her sister, artist Sheojuk Etidlooie. Kelly’s drawings convey her sense of humour, originality and a mature confidence. Her images have great graphic appeal for their characteristic bold and exaggerated shapes.

Meelia Kelly first brought her drawings to the Kinngait studios in 2000, where she subsequently learned both etching and lithography. Working out of the Kinngait studios, Kelly’s work was featured in the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection from 2001-2006, and her print “Pursued” (2003) graced the Fall 2006 cover of the Inuit Art Quarterly.