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Ship it FREE within Canada, on purchases $150 or more 📦


Seal Sculpture

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A simple yet adorable seal sculpture featuring etched stone to add depth and contrast to the dark stone.

Serpentine stone
11 x 5 x 5 cm

Reg. #846015443 

Josie Iqaluq is a carver residing in Sanikiluaq. Sanikiluaq is Nunavut's southernmost community, located in the Belcher Islands of southeastern Hudson Bay about 150 kilometres (93 miles) off the coast of Québec. It is the only permanent settlement in this entire archipelago, which is a group of 1,500 islands spread over 3,000 square kilometres (1,158 square miles). 
Carvings from Sanikiluaq, situated in the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay, are very popular with both art collectors and tourists. Human subjects and occasional camp scenes are produced, but it is the representations of the Arctic wildlife of the islands, particularly birds and marine mammals, that have made the art of this community so eagerly sought after.