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Bath & Body Essentials Gift Box

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Indulge yourself or give this essentials bath kit as a gift! The invigorating and deep cleansing combination of peppermint and sage stimulates your scalp right down to the follicle. These sulphate-free formulas provide shine, volume and body to limp, lifeless hair. The base of each handmade, cold-process soap consists of coconut, olive and sustainable palm oils. With the addition of botanicals and essential oils, these soaps nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Each gift box contains:

-Mini Peppermint & Sage Shampoo (35 ml)
-Mini Peppermint & Sage Conditioner(35 ml) 
-Mini Peppermint & Sage Body Wash (35 ml)
-Mini Peppermint & Sage Body Lotion (35 ml)
-Mini Sweetgrass Facial Bar Soap (30 g)
-Mini Cedar & Balsam Cleansing Body Bar Soap (50 g)

Tingling, refreshing peppermint oil soothes sore muscles and energizes breathing. 

Sage is found abundantly in dry areas of North America and has an herbal, spicy scent. It is used in ceremony for smudging; as a means to cleanse negativity from ourselves and our spaces. 

Sweetgrass is sometimes referred to as the 'hair' of Mother Earth and considered a sacred gift. After the grass is harvested, it is carefully braided; the three sections representing mind, body, and spirit. 

Cedar Balsam 
Canadians from coast to coast know this spicy, resinous fragrance - cedar is nature’s purifier. It represents grounding, maturity, purification and balance.

A Canadian indigenous-owned company, Mother Earth Essentials creates luxurious bath & beauty products from natural ingredients and traditional recipes.

The company was founded by Carrie Armstrong who comes from a long line of Cree Medicine women. She is passionate about sharing her Indigenous culture and the spiritual properties handed down to her from elders and medicine people. They've created their products based upon these traditional teachings, the plants that are found around them and a philosophy steeped in respect environment. They believe in the quality of their products and aim to honour the properties of all of the plants they use.