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Bird Bones

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"This work is inspired by the novel 'the magic toyshop' by Angela Carter in which the aunt is described as being fragile and made of 'bird bones and tissue paper, spun glass and straw'. In the book the story of Leda and the swan is told. It’s a story of the destruction of innocence. The work was made using a tufting gun with wool yarn. The swan was made separately and cut out and attached, the leaves are hand cut and hand stitched. The banner is hand embroidered." - Rachael Speirs

Yarn, fabric, embroidery, watermedia and paper.

Speirs is an award winning self-taught artist who creates fascinating works using paper, fabric, sewing machine, hand stitching, gouache, watercolour, acrylic, embroidery and other objects. Her background in social work has provided her with a combination of academic discipline and practice-based professional concern, as well as insight into the basic needs of communities. This and her unique use of the medium collapses the division between conceptual art, contemporary art and the public.