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FREE domestic Shipping on orders over $135

Blooming Vase in Blue-Violet

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Inspired by the integrity of plant life, the blooming vase series features delicate petal-like edges highlighted by bright colours layered to create soft gradients.

Approx. 13 x 13 x 26cm
Wheel-Thrown and Hand-Built, Low-Fire Clay, Underglazes, Glazes

“Despite everything that has happened, and continues to happen, we grow; stronger, wiser, more resilient than before. Drawing from the perseverance of plant life, various stages of growth are explored through botanical-inspired forms. Embodying the inherent need for all living things to survive and thrive, the florae overcome seemingly harsh or inhospitable environmental obstacles in order to bloom.
As we currently grapple with the consequences of climate change, this series seeks to remind us to find positivity and motivation to celebrate nature's small acts of resilience.”

Annika is a Toronto-based artist specializing in wheel-thrown and slip-cast ceramics. Her interest in clay began while she was studying Textile Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). Annika’s initial education in textiles helps to inform her design choices when it comes to elevating the surfaces of her work. Her forms often reference modern industrial and architectural design, featuring smooth surfaces and sharp angles to create an ideal space for patterns to evolve.