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Boar's Hoof


Carved from Bog Oak, this sculpture depicts the hoof of a Boar. This delicate piece balances on 3 toe points. 

19cm x 11cm x 6cm
Bog Oak

Bog Oak Wood: 
Some European countries have large areas of peat bogs. These swamp like areas formed thousands of years ago and submerged forests. Chemicals in the bog such as tannin act like preservatives and some types of wood survives intact for thousands of years. Not all bog wood goes black, but the darker the wood the older it is. These bog oak pieces are around five thousand years old and are from Ireland. They were unearthed, directly in front of the Meelick Monks tower just outside Swinford. 
A viking is buried on the edge of the same field outside the stone wall of the grave yard. This wood predates civilization and modern religion - Stone age wood. The wooly mammoth walked the earth when these oaks had leaves.

“Born and raised in the African savannah, I was surrounded by beautiful wildlife. I rescued an adult Vervet monkey, participated in falconry and herpetology, handling snakes and birds of pray. Worked with cobras to common brown house snakes as well as Eagles and Peregrine falcons. These experiences fill my senses with a deep love for nature's symmetry.

At eleven, I etched and carved horses and African scenes into the hand made leather products. Bags, wallets, belts and other products that I sold to family friends. This love for creating followed me through my life.

Now all these years later my heart has turned back to creating and I find my Irish ancestry being infused with my love of Africa. I'll carve lions one day and the Irish Banshee another.  Every new sculpture tells me, I have much to learn and feel lucky to play a part in the creation of these pieces, where the beautiful lumber is the art and my sculpture just it's garnish.”