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Canadian Animal Pillow Cover - Wool Back


Add a little bit of Canadian wildlife to your home with these charming pillow covers! The back of each cover features a pocket - perfect for tucking away the remote control or a small notebook.

Screen printed cotton, grey wool back.
18 x 18" (can fit up to a 20 x 20"form)

After having worked for over 15 years as a graphic designer in France, Christine decided to give it a go at building a new life in Canada and started her business as a freelance illustrator-artist. Known for her graphic illustrations and vibrant colours, AniZet textiles add a touch of whimsy to your home. Made to last, they use fine natural fabrics -- think cottons with a twill weave, Italian upholstery linens, or Milton wool -- are sewn with serge stitches to prevent fraying, are made with hidden zippers, and feature additional premium touches like their embroidered maple leaves.

"As an illustrator and designer I think more of my fabrics as canvases. Art that you can touch, play with and that has a purpose. Objects that have visual and tactile appeal, and are useful, well made and durable -- those are the home decor accessories I enjoy, and want you to enjoy as well."