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Large Charred Dry Flower Vase


Turned and charred wooden vase for dried flowers. Locally salvaged birch. Heavy in appearance, this vessel's form is a collage of a cylinder through a triangular, rough edge block. Made in Picton, Ontario.

Distressed salvaged Birch
23 x 14 x 10 cm

"In my woodturning, I use locally-sourced urban wood with sometimes surprising and unique characteristics. By working with green, living wood, I allow the material to take an active part in the creative process and often reflect on the life of the material itself.

All the wounds, imperfections, cracks, warping and signs of human interaction are deliberately incorporated in my pieces to create objects that narrate their own past while living on in the cultural context of our homes. By celebrating urban wood with all its beauty, flaws, scars, fragility, and strength, I hope to deepen our connection with the artifact and the natural material from which it is made.”