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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Digital Edition of Studio Magazine Vol. 5 No. 2

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Textiles and knitting showcased in Fibreworks, Breaking Boundaries in ceramics; Montreal City of Glass 2010; Craft on the web: Etsy, Flickr, Twitter and Social Fabric; Congratulations and Canadian craft council activity.

Spinning in the fast lane of e-commerce
Knitter and blogger Shawn O’Hagan spins and dyes yarn inspired by her natural surroundings; Gloria Hickey takes a look at how she balanced the “slow” nature of her work with the “fast” pace of the virtual marketplace.

Acts of Redemption: The Culture of Repair
Ken Vickerson, RCA, explores the concept of repair with humour and curiosity, from personal experience with craft and education to a broader philosophical understanding.

Craft Out-Loud: What makes Craft a fertile site for community and activist messages?
Shannon Stratton reflects on practice community and performance of making in Gestures of Resistance.

Name Dropping: Is craft still a relevant term for new makers?
Drawing on her experience teaching university and college students, Dorie Millerson discusses where students position themselves within the categories of craft, design and art, how they define craft, and why they chose to study it.

Slip: Awakening metaphor in the ceramics of Amelie Proulx
Robin Metcalfe considers themes of metaphor, motion and interaction in the dynamic work of Amelie Proulx.

Making Time
Helen Carnac, curator of Taking Time: Craftand the Slow Revolution, examines the relationship between craft and the Slow Movement.

We asked twelve makers across Canada to describe the impact of fast and slow processes, techniques and themes in their work.

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow reflects on the work on Erica and Kjeld Deichmann, who owned and operated an innovative ceramics studio in New Brunswick from 1934-1963.

How slow is slow? Arno Verhoeven provides an in-depth review of Speed – Papers and Exhibition, exhibited at Internationale Handwerksmesse, Muich from March 3-9, 2010.