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Eco-printed Silk Scarf - Earth Tones

Options: 6 - Maple leaves

Delicate silk scarves hand-dyed with natural materials - each piece is a story. The long length means these scarves drape beautifully when tied in any number of styles. Hand wash and hang to dry. 

100% silk, natural dyes
Approximately 14 x 72 in

1 - Printed with maple leaves

2 - Printed with smokebush

3 - Printed with maple leaves

4 - Printed with maple leaves, overdyed in indigo

5 - Printed with smokebush

6 - Printed with maple leaves

Jane Jacobs is a fashion designer and textile artist living in Newmarket, just north of Toronto, Canada. Her practice focuses on creating one-of-a-kind textiles with silk, wool, and handmade felt. Using plant matter, minerals, metals and food waste, her various dye techniques give each garment a unique story.

Jane has always been drawn to texture and textiles, and founded her Newmarket studio in 2012. She loves sharing her passion with others, and hosts felting, indigo, and eco printing workshops around Southern Ontario.