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Creatures Wall Hanging (Untitled)


Taipana’s work is known for her meticulous thread-work, often covering her wall-hangings from border to border. She also adds layers of colour to create dynamic imagery and compositions.

92 x 72 cm
Boiled wool, Appliqué, Embroidery Floss

Annie Taipana (1931) was born in Hanningajuq (Garry Lake), Nunavut. Annie has spent her long life mastering the art of tapestry. She moved to Qamani’tuaq (Baker Lake) in 1972 where the first sewing shop was established. This sewing workshop was the hub for many of the textile artists like Jessie Oonark, Irene Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq, and Taipana’s mother Elizabeth Angrnaqquaq Qiayuq. Her husband, Jimmy, and son, John, are well-known sculptors.

Annie likes to depict humans – human faces in particular – in her wallhangings. Annie’s style is distinctive amongst her peers. The haphazard arrangement of animals, people, and heads donned in amautik (parka) hoods are even more whimsical and chaotic than other tapestry artists of the Baker Lake style.

Today, Taipana lives in Kangiqliniq (Rankin Inlet) where she is surrounded by family.