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Large Dreamcatchers

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These dreamcatchers, or asabikeshiinh in Ojibwe, are sinew webs woven around a hoop and adorned with feathers and beads. Meant to replicate a spider's web, they are traditionally hung over a cradle as a protective charm for infants. 

6" diameter
Deer skin, sinew, bone, wood, and garnet beads, goose feathers.

7" diameter
Deer skin, sinew, bone, metal, and turquoise beads, goose feathers.

Andrew Sagutch was born on the Eabametoong First Nation and grew up in Lansdowne House, ON. In his youth, Andrew spent time in the forest and on the river near his home, listening to what nature would tell him. This spirituality has always been the driving force behind his work.

Andrew studied photography at the International Academy of Design & Technology of Toronto, and has completed Film Studies courses at George Brown College. Andrew expresses his unique talents in a variety of artistic forms including digital photography, portraiture, video shorts, music, painting and traditional First Nations craft.