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Drowning Mothers

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"This work is a reflection of motherhood during covid, the feeling of drowning in responsibility and silenced voices. As a mother I gaslit myself during this time, expecting that I should be able to handle everything. Motherhood in general is often a feeling of being unmoored and swimming without something to hold on to." - Rachael Speirs

Tufted yarn, acrylic and fabric.

Speirs is an award winning self-taught artist who creates fascinating works using paper, fabric, sewing machine, hand stitching, gouache, watercolour, acrylic, embroidery and other objects. Her background in social work has provided her with a combination of academic discipline and practice-based professional concern, as well as insight into the basic needs of communities. This and her unique use of the medium collapses the division between conceptual art, contemporary art and the public.