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FREE domestic Shipping on orders over $135

Picasso Earrings

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These asymmetrical earrings feature jasper and amber inlaid in sterling silver. Make a statement with these earrings!

Approximate size: 3.5 cm x 1 cm
Sterling silver, amber, jasper

Brenda Roy is an international award winning jewellery designer creating contemporary jewellery that explores contrasts in metal and stone.

“My work tends to be material and process driven, rather than conceptual. While pieces sometimes pursue a particular theme, on the whole they are not representational or conceptual but meant to evoke an emotional response that is frequently inarticulate. A piece of jewellery acquires meaning over time as it develops associations with the stories of our lives and these acquired meanings are as important for me as the artist’s original concepts

On a visual level, I love to play with the surprise of asymmetrical designs and unexpected material combinations. I am one of the few metal artists in the country extensively using stone inlay in my work and I constantly experiment to find unexpected and non-traditional ways of incorporating stone into jewellery pieces. 

I believe there is still a place for beautiful, well-made objects and that these objects enrich our lives.”