Window Scenery Espresso Cup

by Sean Robinson
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Tableware that brings a touch of the wilderness into your home. Each cup has a hand painted landscape design on both sides. Designs vary slightly. Collect the matching bowls and mugs.

approximately 6 x 7 cm (not including the handle)

Artist's Statement: "I have predominately explored the making of vessels. I am driven by the process of sitting down at the wheel to form a piece of clay into an object that consumes and contains space. Vessels that ambiguously contain objects and materials for display, storage and consumption. The tradition in craft to make objects for daily use and decorative display are ideas I like to consider and explore in my work. Many of the bowls I make are based on traditional forms with an emphasis on the images contained within and the without the bowl. The decoration in and under the bowl are often equally important. The primary function of my work is the aesthetic of object. Each to be appreciated for their form and imagery."