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Exploding Alarm Clock

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This beautiful steampunk mantel clock is a one of a kind timepiece. Its main component is a vintage alarm clock body. Roger's signature detail is a feather affixed to the clock's second hand, which provides an elegant kinetic action to his masterful compositions. The piece is functional as a clock.

14.5 x 19 x 10 cm
Clock parts, Upcycled antiques and found objects

Roger Wood is a self-taught artist from Hamilton, Ontario. His clock-making process starts with perusing items at yard sales and flea markets to find great components to craft these beautiful and unique timepieces. Wood then uses other people’s discarded and unwanted items to find things that speak to him, things with a history. These items can be pretty much anything, from wheels and gears to musical instruments and feathers. Wood has assembled a massive collection of items, most of which is barely contained by the numerous drawers in his workshop.