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"Flourish" is an intricately designed silversmithing art piece representing life's journey. The twisted and interwoven stems and branches symbolize twists and turns, while the leaves and petals represent the beauty and resilience we encounter on this journey. I crafted this piece from a single sheet of copper, using various folding techniques such as Line, Rueger, and Star folds, which add texture and dimension. The patina finish adds depth and colour, making it an eye-catching and inspiring piece. Through this artwork, I want to remind viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature and find strength in their journeys of growth and self-discovery.

Approx. 10cm * 8cm * 18cm
Copper, Brass, Patina

The 2023 Canadian Student Silversmithing Exhibition showcases student work from across the country that employs silversmithing techniques celebrating individual artistic vision, and illustrating diverse contemporary approaches. Representing emerging silversmiths in Canada, this exhibition highlights contributions made by the late Lois Etherington Betteridge, RCA, MFA, to the silversmithing community in Canada.