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Geese and Leaves Wallhangings (Untitled)

Options: Geese

An exceptionally stitched and embroidered wall-hanging that boasts the beauty, fragility and delicateness of the natural world.

75 x 42 cm (geese)
55 x 20 cm (leaves)
Boiled wool, Appliqué, Embroidery Floss 

Fanny Avatituq Algaalakaq (1950) was born in Qamani’tuaq (Baker Lake), Nunavut. She produces hand embroidered and appliquéd wall hangings with great skill and mastery. Since the 1960’s, the women of Baker Lake have used their sewing skills to visually reconnect Inuit to their land and celebrate survival. Fanny primarily works with wool cloth, felt and cotton embroidery thread. Her works brim with images and patterns found in nature with memories of a nomadic life and a spiritual landscape of Inuit myths and legends. Much like her mother-in-law, Ruth Qaulluaryuk Nuilaalik, Fanny creates works that primarily feature flowers and leaves, creating a dense all over pattern.