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Glasses Set with Both Bottles | Anniversary Edition

Glassware Choice

A set of two goblets by an artist of your choice as well as a bottle of Revel Soif Cider and a bottle of Revel Apollo Wine.

Choose your donation gift glasses from the Glassware menu.

Gray Art Glass

A lively, contemporary stemless wine glass. Colour is added in a swirl at the bottom of each glass to add character without distracting from the colour of the wine.

handblown glass
11.5cm x 9cm dia.

Gray Art Glass was founded by Kevin Robert Gray in 1985. Best known for creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art, sculptural glass and decorative housewares. In 2012 after Kevin Robert Gray passed away after a courageous fight with cancer his son Michael stepped in, taking over the family business. Since then Michael has strived to develop his unique voice as an artist, pushing his creative boundaries by creating large scale glass sculptural art and installation pieces, modern lighting and beautiful unique glassware.

Jeff Goodman Studio

An enticing piece; a sapphire, modern, stemless glass by Jeff Goodman Studio. Jeff Goodman Studio has been internationally recognized for its modern blown glass vessels, and innovative architectural glass.

handblown glass
9.5cm x 8.5cm dia.

Jeff Goodman established the Jeff Goodman Studio in 1989. He built a studio environment where designers, artists and architects can collaborate and fully explore the infinite possibilities of glass. The Studio’s constant desire to experiment and create continues to grow since Jeff’s passing. The calm, innovative and productive atmosphere he fostered remains a home for the group of creative artists he mentored and inspired.

Studio Vine Glass

This glass tumbler is a perfect fit for any beverage! Studio Vine Glass is a company founded on the principals of quality and design in Canadian glass.

handblown glass
12.5cm x 8cm dia.

Combining the endless pursuit of mastery of skill with the unique qualities of the material itself, Woody (Steven Woodruff) utilizes this captivating material to it's fullest potential. He combines a variety of skills in contemporary and traditional products and creates completely new and thought-provoking sculptures. Woody is an entrepreneur and innovator who is passionate about the importance of buying handmade and is an outspoken advocate for the arts.

Infinite Glassworks

An airy and colourful tumbler by Infinite Glassworks. This glassware put the fun in fundraiser!

handblown glass
8cm x 10.5cm dia.

Infinite Glassworks was founded by glassblowers Kate and Matthew Civiero in 2005 to showcase both individual and collaborative approaches to glassmaking. Uniting design and function, Kate combines vibrant colours and fluid shapes in her signature handblown glassware. Kate believes in giving objects significance through deliberate design and thoughtful creation.

Revel Soif Cider

6.1% ABV | 750mL
Ingredients: Apples, cherries, strawberries, grape skins. Gluten free. Zero grams of sugar. Naturally fermented.

Made with love in Guelph, Revel's Soif cider is a blend of two spontaneously fermented ciders aged on cherries and strawberries. One tonne of Zweigelt skins were then added for an extra month of skin contact. Zweigelt and Montmorency Cherries meld into plush textural bliss. Strawberry aromas waft over it all. The fruit acids here are soft like silk. Craft Ontario is proud to offer Revel's beverages for patrons to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Craft Ontario! Each bottle features a special edition Raise A Glass label.

Revel Apollo Wine

10.3% ABV | 750mL
Ingredients: Grapes. Gluten free. Wild ferment. Zero added sugar.

Apollo is a rosé Zweigelt, lderflowers meet Swedish berries in the aroma. Malic acidity lends a crispness, while subtle honeyed notes add width. Wild fermented and aged on fine lees for 6 months. Apollo is punchy. Craft Ontario is proud to offer Revel's beverages for patrons to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Craft Ontario! Each bottle features a special edition Raise A Glass label.

Revel combines foraged and farm-grown fruits from across Ontario to produce cider and wine. All ciders are spontaneously fermented and have zero residual sugar. "Aiming to bring out the best of each ingredient is what makes us excited to come to work every day."