Grey Carved Glass Orb

by Courtney Downman
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This hand blown glass sculpture is hand carved using a diamond saw to create the linear texture and the uneven edge. The finished carving is then sandblasted to create the matte finish.

Blown, carved and sandblasted glass

18 x 22 cm

Artist statement: "My new series, ‘Carved’ begins with a blown glass form made by gathering and shaping the molten material. Once cooled, the glass becomes rigid like stone. I delicately carve the blown glass to create a linear texture and raw edges. This series highlights glass’s ability to appear and act both liquid and solid. This duality allows me to use hot and cold processes to explore line and texture. The fluid bubble of glass slowly transitions into a rough and jagged edge. My work acts as a visual representation of this transition from liquid to solid; fluidity to rigidity, and strength to fragility.”