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This unique piece was hand-created from a skull and antlers, with spherical serpentine stones strategically placed about the fly's abdomen or skull's eye sockets. This piece is so dynamic and appears different at all angles. 

Animal skull, antlers and serpentine skull
Approx. 16 x 29 x 23cm
Reg no. 9007Q 

Kellipalik Etidloie started carving in the 1980s. He initially started working with hand tools, but in the late 1980s he began using power tools. He credits his sister Omalluk Ohsutsiaq with having taught him. She asked, “How are you going to make a living when father dies?” She would give him her own work to complete, sand and finish. She also encouraged him never to give up when the going gets tough; there would always be ups and downs.

Kellipalik’s mother, Kingmeata Etidloi, was a renowned and prolific graphic artist. His father Etidloie. Etidloie was also an artist. He would like his son to carve as well.

Kellipalik spent five years carving for Polar North in Montreal in the late 1990s, which is where he learned to carve quickly. He used to carve with Pauloosie Joanassie, Moe Pootoogook, Markusie Papigatuk and Pauloosie Tunnillie.

His work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States, France, Germany and Switzerland since 1971.