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This little owl is about to take off in flight! Or has he just landed? 

Approx. 16 x 8 x 15.5cm
Stone carving, Serpentinite stone 
reg. no. 6327Q

Mathewsie Oshutsiaq is a Nunavut-based artist from Cape Dorset (Kinngait).

Kinngait is probably the most famous art producing community in Canada’s north. With so many talented sculptors, there is bound to be a wide range of styles; however, a few generalizations can be made. The ‘Cape Dorset’ sculptural style is rooted in a love of naturalism and an interest in both wildlife and the spirit world, but has incorporated a love of the flamboyant, the dramatic and the decorative.

Sculptures exhibit a strongly stylized or elegant naturalism and are generally highly finished. One senses a certain a certain self-consciousness on the part of the artist, as well as a desire to manipulate the material to a high degree. The stones, which may range from many beautiful shades of green, almost semi-precious varieties, to white dolomite and other types as well, are often fashioned into almost impossibly thin shapes or delicately balanced works.

Favourite subjects include animals and mythological creatures. The scale of these works is often as dramatic as their style. The sculptures are elegantly poised, and rendered with the crisp naturalism and sense of decorative stylization. Artists from Kinngait pride themselves on their ability to create delicately balanced works.