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Snow Bunting


This hand-carved sculpture of a Snow Bunting features a low, wide stance full of dynamic energy. 

Approx. 14 x 27 x 7cm
Stone carving, Serpentinite stone 
reg. no. 6805P

Kiliktee worked at the Cape Dorset/Kinngait WBEC Studios. He studied at Peter Pitseolak School. He presently lives in Cape Dorset. He is a half-brother to Toonoo Sharky, Alashua Sharky and Napachie Sharky. Killiktee has a wide range of subjects that he likes to carve. He carves inuksuit, bears, seals and whales. He uses the serpentine from Markham Bay on Baffin Island’s south shore. His work has a lot of movement and life in each piece he does.