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Two Swans


This hand-carved sculpture features a mother and young swan swimming (or sitting) close together. The mother swan faces forward as the curious youth admires its surroundings while continuing to be protected by its mother's presence. 

Approx. 29 x 6 x 12cm
Stone carving, Serpentinite stone 
reg. no. 6890P 

Ningeosiak Ashoona was born on December 20, 1979 in Iqaluit (formerly Frobisher Bay).  She soon arrived in the family community of Kinngait (Cape Dorset) and began living with her grandparents on the land.

Ning’s early life was a traditional one centered around hunting, trapping, fishing, and carving.  She has now been a full time carver for over 20 years with a family of her own to support.  She uses both hand and power tools.  The power tools help to increase her productivity and she uses the hand tools for intricate delicate work.  She is inspired by the beauty of Arctic animals and uses her creativity to envision new forms for her favourite subjects.