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Walking Bear Sculpture


A hand-carved polar bear in a walking pose. Made from dark serpentinite stone and polished to a beautiful smooth finish. 

Approximately 27 x 12 x 9 cm 
Registration #1264229

Qoraq Nungusuitok was born in Iqaluit May 18, 1986. He began his artistic endeavors at the age of 13. He learned how to carve by watching his father, well known artist Tukiki Manumee.  Qoraq’s uncles, Axangayu Shaa and Qavavau Manumee are also talented artists.

Qoraq’s favorite subject is animals, particularly polar bears. He depicts them in a realistic fashion, with well-formed musculature and proportions. Qoraq’s work has been exhibited throughout North America, and the number of his admirers increases every year. Qoraq currently resides in Cape Dorset, Baffin Island.