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Isle of Apples Necklace - Round Gold Curb Chain

Options: 1 - Pale Pink

This necklace features a flame-worked glass bead with tiny floral murrine and 24K gold leaf. The sterling silver bead caps feature gold accents, using Keum-boo, an ancient Korean gilding technique used to bond gold foil to silver.

14K gold-filled chain, glass, 24k gold leaf, sterling silver
Oval Bead: 20mm x 22mm, chain: 46 cm long

Natalie Borghese is a Canadian glass artist. Formerly a practicing architect, she began working with glass in 2015. This collection of flame-worked beads is inspired by the flowering apple trees in her garden and explores ideas of lightness and liminality. Handmade using soft glass and 24K gold leaf, she approaches each bead like a watercolour painting, layering washes of transparent colour, delicate floral murrine, and fragments of gold to create little worlds of shimmering light.

Winner of the Glass Beadmakers UK Newcomer Award (2017), her work is featured in The Flow Magazine's Nature Gallery (Spring 2018); The Flow Magazine's 14th Annual Gallery of Women in Glass (Winter 2018); and, GBUK Flame Magazine (January 2019).