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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Kahn Earrings - Walnut

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Best-selling earrings from the Deer Park jewellery line! These delicate slivers of walnut are accented with a thin layer of resin, and polished to a perfect finish.

Walnut wood, resin, sterling silver findings
5.6 x 1.5 x 1.2 cm

Adam Dunn is a cross-disciplinary designer and craftsperson with a background that includes running a plush toy business, working in architecture, and developing a mobile game while also finding time to build furniture and make ceramics in his spare time.

In early 2019 he chose to focus full-time on a enduring interest and brought his various experiences to a new craft venture: a jewellery line called Deer Park. This line draws on his experiences in woodworking, ceramics and architectural model-making to produce a unique and sophisticated line of fashion jewellery. Particular in its aesthetic, Deer Park is a collection of work that is simple, sculptural and extremely tactile.

"My jewellery work is characterized by its sculptural forms and its refined use of humble materials. An ongoing exploration of form, these works are motivated by my fascination with abstract shapes and with the tactility thereof. The work is very much reflective of a personal aesthetic vision and of my particular craft processes.

Working in woods, in coloured resin, and in stained porcelain, I intended each piece to make a statement with its bold geometry and beautiful surfaces. Although my pieces are objects unto themselves, the completion of my work occurs only when it is worn, when it is handled, and when it is set as both contrasting and complementary forms against the surfaces and shapes of the human body. Each object is handcrafted by myself and finished to a demanding standard. All wood used in this line comes from reclaimed offcuts donated by furniture and instrument makers that I work alongside at my studio."