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Large Koi Pond Platter


An expertly thrown and glazed platter featuring koi fish in a pond. Fired in a gas kiln to create depth and dimension in the glazes. 

Porcelain, glazes
50 cm diameter, 5 cm height

As a renowned ceramic artist and potter, he found inspiration in the classical ceramic tradition of the Song Dynasty. Through his contemporary expression of this ancient tradition, he has developed original techniques, a fluency of form. and thus, the creation of beauty. All works are individually handmade by the artist in his studio in Peterborough, Ontario where he enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for his work while showing visitors his studio and gallery. He is the creator of Canada's official state dinnerware, which resides at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

“Like an explorer, I search for beauty. Two places I find it are in the music of J. S. Bach and in the medium of Porcelain. My work is rooted in an aesthetic and a technology realized 1000 years ago by human beings living in China. Bach and his ideas about musical form also inspire it. My work evolves and informs itself. I have fun making choices, and seeing what transpires.”