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FREE shipping within Canada, on purchases $50+

Large Layered Bib Necklace with Amber Pendant


A one-of-a-kind, dramatic short necklace with rich leather layers. Closes with a with a toggle clasp. This statement piece is light and eye-catching!

Leather, natural Baltic amber, buffalo horn, stainless steel, cattle horn
Amber pendant size 6 x 6 cm, length around the neck 55 cm, hanging cords are approximately 38 cm

Modern statement jewellery from Studio Tiny Loft is inspired by the bustle of cosmopolitan urban Toronto and reflects designer Tanya Lypka's years of globetrotting and time spent working in fashion.

"While working on my pieces I combine my passion for sustainability and originality. My jewellery is focused on creating new high-end items out of by-products or materials given by the nature. Inspirational aspect of the up-cycling reveals the diversity and potential of these raw materials."
A note on ethical material sourcing: "When creating my pieces, I avoid plastic and select natural materials that are collected responsibly and ethically.

Buffalo horn is a sustainable, farmed product - the horns are industry by-products. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic material; making it a natural choice for those seeking jewellery that's kinder to their skin.

Deer antlers are naturally shed each year and collected by Indigenous peoples to create different practical and beautiful objects. When the mating season is complete, deer will shed their antlers so that they can regrow them in the Spring. Most of antlers used for Studio Tiny Loft jewellery were collected by Indigenous peoples in either Canada or Europe."