Maple Burl Salad Bowl

by Doug Magrath
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This bowl was turned from a maple burl, giving it a unique figure. The artist has kept the natural shape of the piece to create an organic edge. A beautiful piece as decor or functional ware. 

35 cm diameter x 11 cm tall
hand turned, maple burl 

Doug began woodturning in 1990. He is involved in the entire process, from picking up materials to delivering finished pieces. Purchasing his raw wood in eight-foot logs, Doug cuts blanks for each piece himself. While most wood bowls made in North America are maple, Doug typically uses cherry wood and walnut. 

Allowing wet wood to dry naturally requires about one year for each inch of thickness, so to speed drying time Doug invested in a lumber dehumidifier chamber that dries up to 250 pieces in six to seven weeks. The final step is to do the finish turning. A look around his workshop reveals pieces in various stages of completion, from blanks to finished pieces ready to be delivered.

Use and care: Never let soak in water. Hand wash with a regular dish soap and water, and leave them to dry completely. Condition your pieces occasionally with beeswax.