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Medium Nerikomi Bowls

Options: Rim Flowers

A stunningly intricate porcelain bowl, made by hand using the Nerikomi technique.

15.5 x 7 cm

 Nerikomi is a hand-built pottery technique traditionally found in Chinese and Japanese ceramics dating to the 7th century. The technique may also be referred to as Neriage or Agateware (UK)To make various patterns, coloured clay is stacked and pressed together in a precise manner and sliced through in cross-section to form small blocks. These blocks are carefully pressed together to create repeating patterns, then sliced into thin slabs. The slabs are draped and pressed over uniquely carved plaster molds to form bowls or vessel forms

Nerikomi pottery is not glazed so as to emphasize the soft colour and texture of the pale porcelain clay. This pottery has been tested to make sure it does not stain and does not absorb water. Handle with care when washing, as they are made thinly to highlight the translucence of the clay.

Eiko Maeda graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo, Japan, where she specialized in Japanese lacquer. Years later, she moved to Canada to fully pursue her passion for ceramics. Gaining a wealth of experience, she traveled back to Japan where she studied under Eiji Murofushi in Fuji. There, she studied a technique called Nerikomi, in which colored clay is used to create rich patterning, stains, and multi-layer design. Her current work focus on this technique, and she strive to express the elegance, beauty, delicacy and modesty of Japanese culture through her work.