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Mini Barbell Necklace


A collarbone-skimming necklace features a chain made up of interlocking mini barbells! Each barbell catches the light to create a lovely shimmering piece that closes with a lobster clasp.

Sterling silver, 42 cm

Madeleine is a silversmith that connects small, seemingly fragile links of silver into jewellery. Her work is informed by her textile background, with her research into medieval techniques of weaving metal to create jewellery. The work looks light and delicate, yet is extremely strong.åÊ

"I am happiest when I have work in hand, and especially when I am playing with a new idea. My workshop is my Island, my bit of Heaven. I have always been making things from my earliest recollection. I like whimsy, fun things, surprises, and things that move. My fibre work of the seventies still influences my metalwork. Who knows what tomorrow brings?‰۝