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Moldy Boi Ring


Craft Ontario is excited to partner with George Brown to showcase the work of the Jewellery Arts graduating students from the class of 2021. On display in the Craft Ontario Shop September 11th until October 6th, GBC JEWELS is a collection of thesis work from the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College. 

Mold comes in a wide assortment of colours and shapes, but is often disregarded, tossed aside, and deemed as dangerous. With this collection, Marty Adem aims to bring the beauty of these often-overlooked organisms into the world of jewellery, highlighting them with the use of precious metals and traditional goldsmithing techniques combined with the patination of copper and brass.

This ring is inspired by molds that form a film over liquids or foods; the various colours represent the often visible fuzz, while the pearl topped tendrils signify the culture looking for new hosts to inhabit and feed on.

18kt Yellow Gold, Copper, Patina (Cupric Nitrate and Alum), White Seed Pearls
Size 4.5