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Multicolor Planter


A versatile planter with dripping glaze running down a tan-clay body.

Approx. 13 x 13 x 16cm

Michelle Mendlowitz is a Toronto based ceramic artist who has completed her bachelor of design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Since graduating in 2005 she has continued a studio practice, participating in several exhibitions and teaching both out of her studio and at the Koffler Center for the Arts.

Michelle Mendlowitz’ work consists of both functional and sculptural objects and often falls in a space between these opposing ends of the ceramic spectrum. The forms she creates are derived from landscapes and borrow elements from nature, architecture and the human form. They serve as markers of time and intention through which she gains further insight into herself and the world around her.

Known for her sumptuous and rich glazes, Michelle’s ceramics are always distinctive with saturated colours and usually a ‘drip’ technique.