by Annie Kilabuk

From the 1997 Pangniqtuuq (Pangnirtung) print collection.

Stencil, edition 26/40

48 x 60 cm

Annie Kilabuk (1932-2005)

Annie Kilabuk was born in 1932 in Qimmisuuq camp, Baffin Island. Her mother was Natanine from Kinngait (Cape Dorset). Annie was thirty-six when she settled in Pangnirtung as one of the earliest permanent residents from among a group of elders who had spent their formative years in nomadic camps. Although basically a self-taught artist, Annie Kilabuk participated in a number of drawing programs offered in Pangnirtung. Annie noted that her approach to drawing was more like a process of story telling. All of Annie’s works on paper depict different aspects of Inuit life, lore, tradition and imagination, and, as a whole, her work is significant from anthropological, historical, and ethnographical perspectives.

In all, over forty of Annie Kilabuk's works have been used for prints that have been included in the annual Pangnirtung Community Print Collection, and twenty-five of her drawings have been used for tapestries produced by the weavers who work in the Pangnirtung Tapestry Studio. The most recent Pangnirtung print collection, released in June 2005, featured three prints based on Annie’s original drawings.