Portrait Ceramic Tumbler

by Craft Ontario Shop

These thrown ceramic tumblers feature hand-painted designs in blue underglaze. 

Approximately 12 x 8 cm

Artist Statement for Dianne Lee:

“I am a Toronto based ceramic artist and instructor. I was born in West Germany in 1983 and followed my father’s military posts across Canada as I grew up. My childhood was filled with different landscapes and environments as I moved from province to province. Now, after many years of travel and moving around as an adult, my husband and I are settled in Toronto.
In 2006, I received a BDes from OCADU, my major was ceramics. After graduation, I lived in England and New Zealand. In England I interned with British potter Deborah Baynes, and in New Zealand I was a part of the Wellington Potter's Association. I have been making pottery since 2012. All my functional wares are wheel thrown in stoneware. My pots are hand decorated using cone 6 food safe glazes and underglaze in crayon and paint form. I individually draw on every surface, no two pieces are the same. The imagery on the surfaces of my pots are inspired by the ever-changing environment I grew up in.”