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Rosa Crossbody Leather Bag

The Rosa crossbody bag is a medium-sized leather bag - not too big, yet with enough space to hold all your essentials! An accessible zippered pocket on the back is the perfect size for your phone, and a small pocked on the inside keeps your keys safe and easy to find. A gusset behind the front zipper allows the bag to open wide, and the adjustable strap allows for variable lengths.

23 x 27 x 13 cm, strap is 138 cm fully extended

Karen’s professional journey began with a sewing apprenticeship in Germany. These skills were all around fabric construction. Returning to Canada in the early 80’s, she began making small leather goods.  

As a woman designing and crafting products for other woman, her designs are often soft and elegant. At the same time though, special attention is paid to durability and function. Each step of the design and crafting process is important to her, from the beginning where the appropriate leather for the article is used, to the sourcing of the correct glues, hardware, linings and thread. Her handcrafted, unique yet functional pieces are made of fine quality leather selected for its strength, suppleness and luscious colour.