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FREE shipping within Canada, on purchases $50+

Round Lace Earrings


3D printed earringsåÊthat are bold but extremely lightweight.

8åÊcm height (8 cm chain, 4cm earring) xåÊ5 cm wide
Sterling silveråÊhooks

"I am a professionally trained goldsmith whoåÊloves to make jewellery, I have since a veryåÊearly age. Jewellery for me is a great form ofåÊexpression, of what I think is beautiful, but notåÊon its own, more as an addition to the personåÊwho wears it.
I work with 3D printing, plastic, with man-madeåÊcubic zirconia. I really appreciate theseåÊmaterials, because they give a freedom ofåÊexpression, and I find them very beautiful. MyåÊjewelry is eco-friendly, and the 3D printingåÊallows me to minimize waste in manufacturing,åÊand the gems I use are created in a laboratory,åÊand not mined.
I give the biggest importance to the aestheticåÊvalue of the piece. It must please our visualåÊsenses, but also must be functional andåÊwearable.‰۝