Sealskin Earrings

by Ashley Kilabuk-Savard
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Sterling silver wire, Sealskin, linen floral backing. Version A is embellished with a crystal and versions B and C are without. 
5cm x 2cm at largest point. Hang 7cm down with silver hook.

Ashley Kilabuk-Savard
Ashley Kilabuk-Savard is an Inuk artist and storyteller born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut. She believes in the importance of sharing stories and preserving Inuit legends and myths that have been passed down for hundreds of years, and continues this in her work. She also designs jewelry for her company Asli Savard Creative. 

This handicraft is a product of the Inuit subsistence seal hunt and represents income for those who are able to maintain a traditional land-based lifestyle. All Inuit sealing practices are sustainable and humane.

Wild caught food has sustained Inuit for generations and has allowed them to thrive in an Arctic environment. The importance of seal cannot be understated, as it provides the Inuit with very high-protein, low-fat food and quality material for clothing to suit the Arctic climate. Regularly eating wild caught food is vital, particularly when access to fresh meat and vegetables is limited in small, isolated communities.

Please note: Sealskin products cannot be shipped outside Canada.