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Supporting Canadian artists and craftspeople since 1931
Supporting artists and craftspeople since 1931

Speckled Black Plate Small


Simple and classic plate with dark grey and white highlights. Perfect for holding that small treat as you sip your coffee or tea. The glaze pattern varies slightly with each individual plate.

Porcelain, wheel-thrown, glaze, oxidation-fired
Approximately 13 cm diameter, 2 cm deep

As an emerging ceramic artisan, Wendy Hutchinson strives to explore and create purposeful objects in high-fire porcelain, inspired by strong shapes and clean lines. Her practice, based in Barrie, ON, is largely informed by an eight-week mentored residency in 2017 at La Meridiana International School of Ceramics, Italy. Most recently, Wendy assisted John Colbeck and Lisa Hammond (MBE) at the annual FUSION Clay & Glass Association conference, was a first-time exhibitor at the 58th Annual Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and has been accepted into the 23rd Annual FUSION Clay & Glass Show.