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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Small Walnut Bowl

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This bowl features a vibrant and rich walnut wood, perfect for decor and also food safe!

Approx. 19 x 9cm

Jeremy was born in the United Kingdom where from an early age, he was taught to work with and enjoy beautiful woods. For many years he made furniture, and began to incorporate turned wood into the furniture, and gradually changed over to bowl turning. Jeremy enjoys working with tropical burls because of the amazing patterns and colours in these woods, and with degraded woods, particularly box elder. He works with an angle grinder to work on free form pieces, and enjoys the challenge.

“For me, the pleasure of woodturning is to bring out the beauty of the wood just as much as the shape of the finished product. I like to work with old, degraded burled woods and, so often, I will start with a piece with no discernible beauty and then discover, as the turning takes shape, the most amazing natural patterns, holes and crevices which add immensely to the finished bowl. It is often a true voyage of discovery!”