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Ship it FREE within Canada, on purchases $150 or more 📦
Ship it FREE within Canada, on purchases $150 or more 📦


Sterling Silver Twists to Shapes Bracelet

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"Each new shape represents a new phase we go through, and each twist and turn shapes us into who we are today.​ So face the stage or shape you are in right now, accept it and know that you will continue to evolve."

Sterling silver
Approx 17cm in length (small)
*All pieces are handmade and may vary in shape*
*Please contact for custom sizing*

Kotoba Jewellery, from sketching to the making, each piece is handmade by Hoi Yi Lai.
Each collection has a story behind to be told, a story to be shared and expressed with the wearer. It is Hoi Yi Lai's passion to connect with the wearer in the hopes of empowering and enhancing the beauty and value that exists within everyone.