Studio Magazine Vol. 11 No. 1

by Studio Magazine

Spring/Summer 2016

In this issue of Studio several articles look into the ways in which we migrate – geographically, emotionally, creatively. They prompt a range of questions: When do we arrive? What things do we carry with us? How well can we know where we are?


The languages used by craft and design makers may vary from medium to medium as they do from region to region, but some things remain consistent throughout.

One author spoke to immigrants to Canada to get their views of a new home. We also look to other forms of definition of place: what do the Prairies really mean, how can a kiln speak a regional dialect, what can be special about rural residence and of course, who is this year’s Canadian craftsperson of the year as recognized by the Governor General’s Bronfman Award?

With questions of global movement and cultural identity being discussed across the social and political discourse we have an occasion to explore these ideas as they resonate with craft and design issues. Our material culture is ours wholly, defined by us together. Studio remains curious about what intelligent inclusion can mean and how our journey together makes better that world in which we are always arriving.