Studio Magazine Vol. 13 No. 1

by Studio Magazine
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Spring / Summer  2018

Where do we start when talking about craft: with the object, with the maker, with the function, with the beauty? In this issue, these tempting starting-points are taken in different ways. As always, what we relish as we assemble the articles is rediscovering the variety of identities, perspectives and approaches that exist in Canadian Craft. It is these positively crossed purposes that make craft and design political and personal, advancing and preserving, functional and transcendent.

From the moment the maker takes up an idea and looks to a material all the way to being long-finished and having retrospective exhibitions, craft and design embodies something of intangible history in its work, something of character in context. This is the functioning identity of craft. Jack Sures is our 2018 Bronfman winner and the voice of the earth of the prairies couldn't have a more articulate expression. Hut then the boat building traditions of the north speak their own history, a series of traditions nearly lost but being recovered now, and preserved. Craft also serves an urgent social role as Mia Hunt tells us of a ceramic studio for marginalized women that brings empowerment by harnessing craft's unique strengths. Sarah Swan takes a wide-angled look at how to present this shifting intangibility in the gallery space, while the Did You Know? essay questions modernity’s relationship to these tectonic plates of social history.

In amongst all this, we are excited to showcase the work of three writers who attended Studio's successful inaugural writers' residency last September. For 10 days the talked and worked and wrote, meeting some of craft's interesting characters and thinking through some of the making's best questions. We hope to present more work from the residents in subsequent issues.

Craft and design, as we see it, is certainly about making but it is the talking about making that is the functions of these pates. Functional and abstract - it is our collective identity to make better.