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Suzanna Leather Phone Pouch

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This is truly a versatile phone pouch great for going out, travelling or just handy when taking a dog out for a walk. Believe it or not this small leather bag makes an excellent cell phone pouch and will hold your cell phones, some credit cards, cash, and a lipstick - what more could you need? It can also be used to carry your passport, glasses or digital camera.

The Suzanna features three separate zippered compartments, and a removable, adjustable leather strap. 

Leather, poly-cotton lining
5” x 6.75”

**Please note that the Suzanna bags have been updated and have a black strap regardless of bag colour**

Karen’s professional journey began with a sewing apprenticeship in Germany. These skills were all around fabric construction. Returning to Canada in the early 80’s, she began making small leather goods.  

As a woman designing and crafting products for other woman, her designs are often soft and elegant. At the same time though, special attention is paid to durability and function. Each step of the design and crafting process is important to her, from the beginning where the appropriate leather for the article is used, to the sourcing of the correct glues, hardware, linings and thread. Her handcrafted, unique yet functional pieces are made of fine quality leather selected for its strength, suppleness and luscious colour.