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Topography Bowl - Large

Options: Whiskey

Hand blown glass, frosted surface, asymmetrical shape. These bowls imitate topography lines on a map. Perfect for holding something special or just for display. Each piece is unique!

Approximately 4.5 x 12.75 x11”

Jeff Goodman established The Goodman Studio in 1989. He built a studio environment where designers, artists and architects can collaborate and fully explore the infinite possibilities of glass. The Studio’s constant desire to experiment and create continues to grow since Jeff’s passing. The calm, innovative and productive atmosphere he fostered remains a home for the group of creative artists he mentored and inspired. 

Their work is colourful, fluid and organic. Their products range from lighting sculptures and hand-blown vessels to architectural glass. The studio’s team of glass blowers and designers continually push the limits of their art by producing elegant and gestural forms. The Jeff Goodman classics are forever a signature of the studio while new designs and ideas emerge.