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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.



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This fascinating wood sculpture was handcrafted using a non-traditional steam bending technique in which a single piece of wood is manipulated into stunning forms.

18 x 26 x 65 cm

Eric discovered his passion for wood sculpting while attending the School of Sculpting in Quebec City. His passion for wild birds, their natural elegance and gracious movement became the inspiration for his creativity.

By using steam, he forms walnut, Canadian maple, ash, cherry and elm, giving life to birds in movement. The choice of wood adds touches that are sometimes voluptuous, sometimes solemn. 

From his passion for nature in all its wild vastness come gracious shapes crystallized by the artist in all their intimacy and immortalized in their movement. The treatment of the wood by the artist becomes the singular expression of his untamed spirit. His birds capture the energy and emanation of time and the trace of artistic experience in our time. All of his sculptures express a feeling of freedom.