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Support Canadian artists this holiday season.
Support Canadian artists this holiday season.

Ultra Medium Servers


Hand crafted culinary tools made from arbutus wood from windfalls and dead trees. This pair of pieces are polished to a smooth finish to honour the beauty of the wood. Bring the spirit of the arbutus tree and the essence of its native British Columbia coast into your home.

approximately 1 x 5 x 20 cm
Hand-polished arbutus wood, supreme grain

The inspiration behind Arbutus Art is Ron Bazar. Born in Montreal, Ron has had varied careers as entrepreneur, business consultant and writer and publisher of children’s books. He first came to BC in 1984 and moved there full time in 1998. He has been a hobby wood turner on and off since he was 12. Ron proclaims that BC's arbutus tree is both his favourite tree and also his favourite wood. The arbutus tree, also known as madrone, is restricted to a narrow band along the BC South coast and only grows within 5 miles of the ocean. It has a wide range of grain colouring from light to reddish black.