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Ashtray - Up in Smoke


Smoking and the accessories that come along with it have always been around me growing up and I wanted to pay homage to that and what it represents. Up in Smoke is inspired by smoking culture and how it has been a part of many cultures throughout history. Smoking has been something that has always brought people together. The matchbox and ashtray are talking points. They peak people's interests in their uniqueness and beauty.

Approx. (4.5” x 4.5” x 1”) & (2.3” x 1.4” x 0.5”)
Copper, Gold plating, enamel

The 2023 Canadian Student Silversmithing Exhibition showcases student work from across the country that employs silversmithing techniques celebrating individual artistic vision, and illustrating diverse contemporary approaches. Representing emerging silversmiths in Canada, this exhibition highlights contributions made by the late Lois Etherington Betteridge, RCA, MFA, to the silversmithing community in Canada.